Keith Haring x Alice and Olivia Launch Event | NYC

We sourced 23 vintage TVs to design this cool art display for Alice & Olivia’s collaboration launch with the Keith Haring Foundation. Project also involved a half-pipe skateboard assembly for an exhibition.

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Alice and Olivia NYFW Fall 2020 | NYC

This collaboration included multiple prop sets including a large green 30’x10’ dramatic wall backdrop, a pink Moroccan-inspired archway, and a vintage luxury train interior inspired by the Orient Express. 

Contact us for further inquiry Addams Family-Themed Event | Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

To coincide with the movie premiere of The Addams Family in October 2019, transformed a Brooklyn brownstone to the Addams Family house. For this experience, we built gold-leafed picture frames, Wednesday’s signature guillotine bed and window shutters, and an animal cage (not shown).

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Alice and Olivia NYFW Spring 2019 | NYC

The production sets for A+O’s SP19 NYFW showcased monochromatic bright color palettes for each scene.  We contributed multiple elements including the yellow pool enclosure and flooring, yellow archway, the mint green brick kitchen facade, and purple velvet mountain.

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Alice and Olivia NYFW Fall 2018 | NYC

Empowerment of women and education was the theme for this fashion show.  Every single prop book - oversized, life-sized, and miniature-sized - was custom made, along with the rainbow library bookshelves and center mantle.

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